The Arctic Explorer - week 9 of the Etsy 3xR 2014 Challenge

As the spring sunshine begins to shake everything awake with showers of vibrant fresh green and deep sonorous yellows, my workbench is in another time and season all together!

This little experimental piece is fresh out of the studio this morning and is my week 9 piece for the Etsy Metal 3xR 2014 Challenge.

'Paul-Emile Victor writes home in 1934 during his first visit to Greenland describing the Aurora Borealis'
Cari-Jane Hakes, March 2014
I'm using this EtsyMetal year long challenge to develop new designs and ideas within the various conceptual touchstones that I have been developing over the last few years.

With this piece there is a suggestion of exploration, of a path, of a route trodden tentatively and boldly by the French explorer Paul-Emile Victor.  In addition, the labradorite beads offer a kind of communication between two points.

details, Cari-Jane Hakes, March 2014
On the detail front, I'm rather pleased with this (fiddly!) little bead termination for the tiny spheres of labradorite that I strung carefully on midnight blue thread for this piece.  Again, experimental, but it works!