Work in Progress - producing a design for

I love the custom work that I do.  There is something VERY special about working with a client to produce a unique piece, tailored just for them.  Often, I am part of a big secret or a surprise.  I work away, creating a magical thing that will be presented on a special day.  I know that the recipient will be a little overwhelmed by the thought and fore planning that will have gone into the piece they have been presented with.  Often there are tears, good tears.  I always feel very privileged and honored to be part of this.

Since becoming accepted as a Partner on Notonthehighstreet I have been keen to develop designs that have a wider appeal but still retain the hallmarks of my design aesthetic.  To this end I've been developing 'The Day My World Changed' pendant.

Jewellery is often tied up with big life events.  We adorn our bodies with these tiny wearable sculptures and in so doing we map out a historical version of our life which we carry with us in the present.  Defining moments from our past, tiny pieces that act as a physical remembrance and go some way to explaining the essence of 'us'.  They are almost a kind of removable tattoo.

The Day My Life Changed, Cari-Jane Hakes, February 2014
Now, I love my epic 'take a week to make' pieces but when you need to turn around an order and get it in the post the next day, the time to craft a piece becomes very important.  Balanced against this, I still wanted to retain that 'one of a kind' / personal jeweller feel.  Central to this piece, obviously, is the actual date and time that each individual person's life changed.  This is carefully stamped onto each strip of silver before each 'day' is formed into a ring.

The Day My Life Changed, Cari-Jane Hakes, February 2014
I'm excited to see what defining dates people come up with.  What dates would you choose to imprint in silver and wear close to your heart?