I have a Superhero power!

I'm very excited.  I've just discovered I have a Superhero power....of sorts.  My Aunt emailed me last week with a picture of half a pair of earrings.  One earring.  They were her favourite pair, but she lost one. She had the remaining earring strung on a chain as a necklace and began a fruitless search on the internet for a similar pair of feather earrings.

And that is when she called upon me.  Could I make a pair of feathers earrings to match?  Well, it turns out that I could.  And therein lies my superhero power....of sorts.

Feather light earrings (not my original design) replicated by Cari-Jane Hakes, January 2014
I think the original feather (on the far right) is actually a casting.  Therefore the original would have been carved in wax which would allow many identical feathers to be manufactured.  Carving something out of wax means you can get lots of delicate detail in too - to make two out of sheet silver was therefore a bit of a challenge!

Transposing someone else's design is a curious thing to do.  It's like putting on someone else's shoes.  They feel a bit different, a little unfamiliar.

Feather earrings (not my design) replicated by Cari-Jane Hakes, January 2014
After much careful engraving, drilling and filing I'm very pleased with these little feathers.  Just call me 'Lost Earring Replicating Girl'!  I wonder if I should get a cape with that on?