A Mosaic for a Monday

Whilst in France, I would partake of the odd 'Mosaic Mercredi' using my flickr favourites.  Now that I am firmly rooted on this English Isle I thought I would resurrect this little jaunt through the rather marvellous work of all the very talented artists over on the flickr site.  And of course, being in England, the mosaic will HAVE to be posted on a Monday!

1. the hole story, 2. a path, 3. cold blows the wind, 4. wall piece, 5. white porcelain beads, 6. white bowl collection 010, 7. lissabon, 8. lissabon, 9. diamond eyes, 10. • Imagination is the only thing I believe in•, 11. Ice Storm, 12. oh what a frosty, sparkly morn., 13. Nailed, 14. rock painting, 15. #люминивая #люстра #гражданскийпроспект #спб #похожанаброшку, 16. upload
The images are numbered from top left to bottom right.  Click on the numbers below to see the original post on flickr.  May be you can add some new favourites to your list.