A Year in Review

In the rush and hurry, in amongst the wild blowing winds and the fallen leaves, the end of the year sometimes makes me feel like I could have done more.  When that feeling winds its way through my head I like to stop for a moment and make one of these mosaics, just to remind myself that I did enough.  I did what I could.  I did my best.  I worked hard.  I worked with some doubts.  I sometimes worked with a bit of fear.
1. Echelon Revisited, 2. texture to back of Hepworth ring, 3. big&small rock pools, 4. Oyster necklace with gold, 5. photo-1, 6. The Proverbial Brooch, 7. Of Land And Sea And All That Rests In-between, 8. Hydrangea, Orchid and Pearl Memory Locket, 9. Full Moon Ring stacked with others, 10. Les Petits Cailloux, 11. Les Petits Cailloux, 12. The Dawn Chorus, 13. 'I am a Lady Mary. I can be as contrary as I like.' Lady Grantham, 14. rock pool ring for Andrea 'Emerald Pools', 15. The Myth of Aurora Borealis, 16. Oh that I could take the moon from the sky...
At the end of each and every piece though, I was thankful for the opportunity to make something beautiful, something quizzical, something thoughtful and sometimes, just sometimes, something shiny.