A Fabulous Friday Feeling...

Fabulous Friday Feeling posts have been a little thin of the ground here.  This is not to say that things have been less than fabulous, it perhaps just means that I haven't taken the time to settle down and record them.

First up....I received this lovely little package from Laura from Little Shop of ElleSee (you can find her Etsy shop here).

I have the most lovely clients!  
I made a brooch for Laura's mother this year (I wrote about it here) with some bracken that I picked up on a trip 'home' to Scotland.  Laura writes:

"My Mom and I have not forgotten the love that you put into making that beautiful brooch for her."

Thank you once again Laura!  And no...I STILL haven't opened it yet.

Elsewhere, a piece of rose gold was cut and filed and rolled and buffed and polished until it looked like this...

Rose gold and sterling silver 4mm wide bracelet, Cari-Jane Hakes, December 2013
1mm of rose gold and 1mm of sterling silver - a tricky combination but the outcome is really rather beautiful.  I think I'd like one myself!

Goodness, isn't this month galloping by?