Introducing, 'Big Jaffa'

I'm sure it is a very common thing, I'm sure it is on many of your wish lists too. In all honesty, every girl needs a hydraulic press in her life, am I right?

Well, I have wanted one for a few years now.  When I was doing my goldsmith training I would study in fantastically well equipped workshops with hydraulic presses, kilns, pillar drills, polishing machines, oh the wonderful things you could make with all the tools in the world!

And then, my brother managed to arrange and find and weld and powder coat and source and fit a pressure gauge and send me my very own hydraulic press for my birthday!

This weekend I attached her to an old workbench that was left behind in one of the out buildings and I christened her, Big Jaffa.

I think she is rather beautiful in a big kind of orange way.