Listening to your customers

I can say quiet seriously that the first time my jewellery teacher showed me how to roll textures into silver my life was changed.  It was like he had just performed a magic trick.  It seemed so implausible that a delicate flimsy bit of stuff could be robust enough to imprit itself into a sheet of silver.  But it works and it still seems like magic to me now.  In fact, if I do a roll print of a leaf texture I will STILL go and show the amazing result to whomever happens to be within shouting distance of my rolling mill.

I gathered up all of this magic and worked solidly on this epic piece for a week a couple of years ago.

Fiercely Feminine silver necklace with chalcedony by Cari-Jane Hakes 

Many people tell me how beautiful this piece is.  It is big, bold, intricate, strong and delicate all at once. The amount of silver and the time it takes to fashion such a piece is reflected in the price.

The challenge I set myself today was to capture the essence of this piece and fabricate it so that is did NOT take a week to make! The result was this:

Fiercely Feminine silver necklace by Cari-Jane Hakes 

All the same fierce femininity but with a less fiercely expensive price tag!

Bon Weekend mes amis!