Part of the way I design often involves getting completely obsessed with one tiny thing.  I think the origin of this could lie partly in the way I was taught design.

As fledgling architects we were taught to pay attention to the details.  We were taught that a successful building could often be 'read' through its details and that we could take a macro design concept and run it right through our design projects.  I'm not talking about a slavish repetition of a motif or colour; in architectural design it could often be something much more subtle.  Perhaps the concept would involve an attitude to the way the light entered a building or it would encompass utilising a family of materials in a consistent way.  All of this would aim to achieve a cohesive voice that could be seen manifest in the smallest of details scaling up to the way, for example, the structure was organised.

With this architectural focus in mind I have been concentrating on and thinking about these tiny natural details and wondering how they will find their way into my work.

Salix Caprea, April 2013, Cari-Jane Hakes
And have you noticed, once you get focused on something it seems to pop up everywhere?