Cinema v's Jewellery

I listened to Danny Boyle, the film director, describe the influence other great film makers have had on his work, namely Nicolas Roeg, and in particular the part this has played in Boyle's latest film, Trance.

And I quote:

"(Roeg) emphasised how unique cinema is in dealing with time present.  Time present encompasses time past, time future, time imagined, memories, illusions, all of it passes as real, as present in front of you.  I don't think there is any other medium, other than cinema, that does that; that immerses you in a time present which is a construct of the film makers all-making, really."

D. Boyle interviewed by M. Kermode and S. Mayo on BBC Radio 5

After listening to such a description,  I couldn't help but look at my chosen mode of artistic expression and find it lacking somewhat!

I do this with paintings too.  I survey the expanded canvas and think how wonderful it must be to have so much space to explore an idea.  I admire the way that some paintings are able to project outwards and construct a kind of emotional architecture of ideas and themes around them.

Memory Locket, March 2013, Cari-Jane Hakes
Then, I was commissioned to produce a beautiful personal piece of jewellery.  The design is a variation on the Memory Locket that I created last year (more on that here).  This piece is more traditional in that the photograph is hidden from view by a protective silver disc.  A hidden private interior worn close to the heart.  The beauty and simplicity of the hydrangea petal and pearl become the front of this memory locket.

It is a piece that will mean the world and more to its intended recipient.

And I know that there is no other art form that can achieve what is represented here in silver, pearl, leaf and paper.

Each artistic endeavour has its own way of shifting perception, creating emotion, making a declaration (the list could continue ad infinitum).  Each artistic endeavour creates its own 'magic'.

Danny Boyle has his way and I have mine.