Perfectly Peachy Personalised Presents

Oh my, I am rather pleased with THAT alliteration!

My little boys have been invited to some birthday parties.  Not knowing what to get the birthday girls in question (being a mother of boys, and only boys, puts you at a distinct disadvantage) I decided jewellery would be the way to go.  Handy eh?

And I have to say, I'm rather charmed with these little butterfly necklaces.  The pink cord, instead of a chain, makes it feel less formal, less grown-up and keeps the whole thing a bit more playful.

I've added a little flick of glimmering gold on the flip side of each butterfly by soldering the silver sheet to some brass.

'Fly Free' Butterfly Necklaces, Cari-Jane Hakes, March 2013
I love the simplicity of this design and will probably make a few more for the Etsy shop.