March, In like a Lion, out like a Lamb

Over the past few days it was as if someone had taken a tap and drained all the colour out of the landscape.  I personally loved the graphic monochrome scenes.  The deciduous trees all resembled very fine charcoal drawings. March still obviously has a lot of 'Lion' left in it yet!

I don't do 'complaining about the weather'.  All weather, in my humble opinion, is necessary and essential.  Each kind of weather just gives you a different lens through which to see your surroundings.

Today, the lens shifted and the colours began to flood back in.

4 Frames From Round These Parts, March 2013
Work on the bench was slow,  I'm finding my feet, limbering up after a long absence.  I cut, soldered and filed.  It was the warm up.  Perhaps I'll be ready for a sprint or two tomorrow.