Longitude and Latitude

It is a rather fascinating thing is it not?  That the earth is segmented and partitioned and divided by lines going this way and that.  The lines of latitude are simple, logical and can only be where they are by virtue of geometrical purity.  But where to start numbering those lines of longitude?

There were many and varied reasons behind the selection of Greenwich, London as the meridian in 1884 (even though France and Brazil had other ideas) and I wonder how this decision shapes our perception of the world today.

These are the things that I ponder whilst I create, especially when I am commissioned to produce a piece that incorporates these rather abstract numbers into a precious silvered artefact.

I 'made' this silver.  Melted and melded it together.  Putting it through my rolling mill numerous times to give it a smooth workable surface.  The resulting silver has a massive landscape type feel to it.  I left one side edge un-squared,  in its natural frozen state.  The co-ordinates both relate to coastal locations and so the numbers are perhaps tethered and defined by this silvered coastline.

Places have meaning.  They anchor our existence, they measure out our progress and serve as a legend for our past perambulations.

To the recipient - Bon Voyage Sir!  May they accompany you on many further adventures!