The big 4-Oh!

It's my birthday! I'm embracing a new decade.  Goodness, the last one was just packed with all sorts of good things. Life, like some whiskey and wine, obviously gets better with time.

I have an idea, that at the exact time I was born 40 years ago, I will try to be running, out and about somewhere, in the Yorkshire Dales - so I will literary RUN into my fabulous forties.  That said, the forecast is for snow so if I take my sledge or snowboard perhaps I can slide into my forties.  Which ever way I like it as a metaphor for what it to come.

Source: via Cari-Jane on Pinterest

And so, I give you all permission to do the above in honour of my special day.  Go on, you know you want to!

Also, a 'Happy Birthday' shout out to Andrea of Strong Southerly who is my birthday twin.  Right, I'm off to find some cake....