Hybrid Handmade Christmas

It's rather lovely to see lots of 'handmade-esque' type christmas decorations in the shop.  The thing is though, I look and them and think 'meh, I'll reckon I'll make my own!' Which is what I have been happily doing over the last two evenings, continuing the 'Hybrid Handmade Christmas' tradition that began here with an advent calendar and continued last year here with festive Christmas tags.

The inspiration for these snowflake decorations came from Pam on Mercantile Muse (see here) - she made a lovely bowl some months back rolling a lace texture into the clay, and more recently the beautiful little pendants / tree decorations featured in her most recent post.

I used this air drying clay.  The snowflakes do take a few days to dry out (I sped my drying time up by putting my snowflakes on top of the storage heaters here, in the new Hybrid Handmade Home).  I like the alternative that Pam used (Sculpey polymer clay) because you can 'cook' this in the oven.

I used these cutters to make my snowflakes made by Tala but there are lots of different shapes and sizes on amazon and elsewhere.

After the snowflakes have dried out string each flake with coloured embroidery thread and hang them on your tree (or use them as super dooper christmas present decorative tags).

I say!  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!