The Light on the Horizon

Light is in short supply round these parts at this time of year.  A creeping darkness begins to unfurl and tuck itself round all the houses by mid afternoon.  I find myself racing out at this time to catch the last bits of luminescence. I parcel it up and save it for later.

At this time I'm collecting finely drawn sillouettes and looking for textures and juxtapositions of colour and tone.

There is a kind of magical thirty minutes just before dusk, when the light renders everything with an insistent intensity.  A fanfare of sorts, before dipping, prematurely it seems, below and away. Today I managed to sneak out to go 'fishing' in my new temporary territory.  Testing the waters.

The houses begin to light up like lanterns around this time and they reveal their interiors for a short time before the gathering darkness propels their inhabitants to draw the curtains and regain their privacy.

And the ground my friends, oh in places it is a carpet of copper!  I dig right in and under with my boots and shuffle right through it!