Sunday Dreaming - Houses

Houses are permeating my dreams.  Some imagined, some real and some from childhood memories.  I've been walking around a fair few of late.  It is an onerous task when there are other little lives at stake...'will they be happy here?', 'will this be a good home for them?'

I seem to be finding a whole host of little houses dotted all over the internet.  Perhaps I am homing in on this shape (pun intended).  These little sculptural ceramic houses by Rowena Brown are particularly lovely.  You can see more of her work on her website Rowboat London.

I think I may very well be purchasing one of these 'Smoke House Incense Burners' by Design Im Dorf (see here for further details) for the Hybrid Handmade Husband to celebrate the beginning of us creating a new home together.

And as for me, well, one of these luminous little tea light holders may be in order.

I'm also dreaming of wallpaper, in particular, this design by Mini Moderns.  It is called 'Whitby' and comes in three shades; stone, washed denim and lido.  I rather like the geographical significance of this print as the Yorkshire town of Whitby is not far from where I am currently residing.

Well, I think that's enough dreaming for one day.  Now for some work towards making some of it a reality!