November Calendar

I am safely roosting under a borrowed roof, tucked in under the eaves, snug in a nest of duvet and pillow, listening to new early morning wildlife calls.  The November calendar is auspicious in its publication date as it neatly marks 'Bonfire Night'.  All over the UK, the early November night sky is bursting with phosphorescent colour and noise.

Catherine Wheel, November desktop calendar, 1280 px wide
So, join in the fun if you will with this 1280 px wide desktop image for you to download and stretch to fit (or shrink to fit if you are sporting a smaller device).  I'm rather enjoying this explosion of light in the winter darkness on my borrowed laptop screen - you can too if you click and save the above image onto your desktop.  From there, it's a brief hop, skip and a jump onto your system preferences (or settings or whatever moniker your preferred computer supplier has decided to name this area) to save this pyrotechnic blast as your new wallpaper / desktop image.

I took this picture last night at a little family gathering on the edge of the Peak District.

Before the darkness fell I gathered holly leaf skeletons and held them in my blue tinged hands and pondered when and where I will be able to roll them into silver.  My tools and stacked and packed and will remain so until a new next can be found!