New Horizons

I admit.  I am yet to make friends with this new aqueous neighbour.  I pass it on journeys here and there.  It is a solid presence, somewhat threatening, as if at any moment it might spill over.  The volume of water contained between the banks and the force of its movement is both majestic and menacing.

The Humber, 19 November 2012
From other vantage points on the elevated dales this slice of water shimmers innocently, a silvered bright sparkling surface, hunkered in the landscape.

I shall have to go and walk along its receded edge some day soon.  Perhaps on a frosted wintery day, when the wind is still and the surface is less agitated.  Perhaps then, I can shake its hand, become its friend, begin to build a bridge of sorts between where I was and where I am now.  Perhaps then, I can find a level, and balance this new horizon and begin again.