Heave Ho and Off We Go!

I'm not big of 'stuff'.  I've moved enough times (this is my 20th move, I am yet to live in one spot for longer than 5 years) to know that an accumulation of things just slows the whole process down.  I have become adept at free-cycling, re-cycling and generally shedding anything that isn't beautiful, useful or important.  That said, when your 'stuff' includes your professional life the amount of things you need to move inevitably increases.

The move from France involved packing a lot of tools.  Jewellery making tools, house making tools and a lot of surf boards!

Cedric and the trailer, ready for the off, France move 2012
So, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't quite edit it down to fit into my grandfather's old suitcase!  

And so a slow and steady shift to the north ensued.  Shunting beneath the English Channel and emerging into a bright, sunlit Dover.  The trees, in a more advanced stage of autumn-ness, put on a good show of displaying all the pantone colour shades and hues and tones that are available from the 'naturals' palette.  A creeping early darkness surprised me, tucking in and under us by the early afternoon.  

Packing up in London, October 2012
For reasons of economic necessity and fragility we did the move ourselves.  The Hybrid Handmade Husband and myself hefted and heaved our architectural 'baggage' which included whole hunks of delicate architectural models that we have no desire to throw away.  Perhaps in our professional lives we have become hoarders of sorts.  

And now, for the moment, we are in limbo.  Waiting for our new life to begin.  I know that in the waiting there will be a need for grace, for patience and understanding.  It is in the waiting that we get tested and refined.  I only hope I make the grade and come out the other side with a quiet and calm spirit.  

You know what.....I reckon I can do it.