A Fabulous Friday Feeling on a Sunday

I was treated to a night at the ballet.  It was magical.  It was spellbindingly beautiful.  Hopefully this little video will you an idea of the performance, but really, without the music and the darkness of the theatre surrounding you it is hard to communicate the essence of a live performance.

In the moments when I wasn't caught up entirely in the story it struck me how 'handmade' the whole performance was.  No snazzy wizzy CGI effects, no 3D glasses required here.  I felt the tug of a link between what I do in my workshop and what I saw on the stage.

balletLORENT's Rapunzel (click here for information on the photographer)
The metal work of the stage set, the costumes and the props - all 'one offs', all original and unique.  The knowledge and an appreciation of the time it takes to produce such things added immeasurably to the experience for me.

balletLORENT's Rapunzel (for credit see above link)
What's more, the venue made the performance accessible and affordable.  It really was the most fabulous Friday I've had in a wee while.