There is no school on a Wednesday here in France.  A good friend of mine (Mrs L) coined the phrase 'Wen-saturday' which I feel more than adequately describes the feeling of this mini midweek 'weekend'.

Wen-saturday is normally a day when the house gets pulled to bits.  Caves and forts and houses get made out of duvets, pillows and cushions.  Toy boxes are up-ended to provide essential 'structure' to these constructions.  Then, we often all escape into the wilds of the forest or the coast on our bikes.

But today it rained.  And a magical thing happened.  For a good 20 minuets everything went quiet. We sat and we drew and doodled.  It was such a rare occurrence that I had to grab my camera and stick the self-timer on to capture the moment.

Wednesday 17 October 2012, 10:23 am
As I moved the green lamp over so we could see what we were doing, the arrangement reminded me of another quiet, concentrated space that I photographed many years ago.  The lamps there are made of a studious green glass and glowed like a sea of luminous jellyfish, hovering above the deep dark wooden desks.
Bibliothéque Sainte-Geneviéve, Paris
The library like quietness in the Hybrid Handmade House did not last long - but it was nice while it did.