October desktop calendar image

Well, it had to be really, didn't it?  A heard of stags and dear, breathing in a misty autumnal (or springtime) air.

In keeping with September Issue of this oh, so popular Hybrid Handmade freebie, I am throwing even more caution to the wind and have sized this image at an oh so petite 1280 x 800 pixels.

The October Issue, desktop calendar image, 1280 x 800 pixels
This fits perfectly on my little laptop screen.  So join me if you will by clicking on the image above and saving it to your desktop and then scooting over to your settings (or system preferences or similar) and choosing said image as your new wallpaper / desktop image.

A big thank you to Monique over on A Half Baked Notion who posted an image of her Hybrid Handmade September desktop image all installed and pretty looking in her studio space.  It looked lovely.

And so, a tumble into the last quarter of the year.  It's been good so far don't you think?  I think we shall all go out with a bang and a shout.  Onwards and upwards mes amis.