If Vermeer had an Instagram feed...

If you are a fellow blogger, why did you start your blog?  It is a question I have been thinking about over the last week after a post I read on the Craft Blog UK site titled "'Is your craft blog a hobby or a serious marketing tool for your handmade products - can it be both?'

When I began this blog it was firstly to document the design process behind the pieces I was making in the studio.  My reasoning was that if I was going to convince people to part with the their hard earned cash for my creations in my virtual shop it would be important for them to 'see' and 'meet' the person behind it all.  I wanted to use the blog to make me and my world more real and more credible to potential clients.

Spiked Horizon
What I wasn't expecting was that the process of blogging would make me look at my surroundings more carefully and closely AND that the discipline of keeping an on-line diary would grow in me a sense of gratitude, wonder and thankfulness that a whole month of Sunday sermons had previously not instilled in me.

I actually see this joy and celebration of the everyday detail everywhere in other peoples blogs.  I really enjoy this movement of people standing up and documenting something that is inherently simple, pure and good because at it's core is the belief, the truth even, that Life is Good.

Yes, it may be a beautiful cup with your morning tea in it but there is something about stopping and recording it which does make us stop, consider, observe and really see the beauty in the natural light that streams through a particular window at a particular time.  In becoming aware, in taking the time to stop, the thankfulness and gratitude rush in.  Others before us have detailed and elevated such simple moments, like Vermeer in this painting 'Woman in Blue Reading a Letter'.  I wonder what his Instagram feed would look like if he were around now?

When I began looking through the lens of my camera to capture colour, texture and light that I might incorporate into my work I wasn't expecting this fact finding exercise to be replaced by the awe that perhaps I first felt as a 2 year old experiencing something for the first time.

It is a wonderful thing being given the gift of sight all over again.  Sometimes now, I will just collect these images with no end project in mind, no grand design, just for the sake of their beauty,

Temporal Colour
just because it is there, in front of me, right now, never to be seen or repeated in this exact combination or permutation ever again.  Just for me, to try and share with you, for no other reason than pure, simple, beauty.

Molecule by Molecule
It really wasn't something I expected to be posting about when I began blogging but what a blessing and a wonderful thing it has turned out to be.  Little adventures in places perviously overlooked by rush and hurry.

Written in the Stars
If your a blogger, did you begin with one idea of what your blog would be and were then surprised by how it evolved?  Feel free to comment and link to your blog in the comments below - it would be great to hear about your adventures too.

(Post scriptus:  I should add, in case you should have the misconception that I am bounding around my atelier full of the joys of spring All The Time, this is not necessarily the case.  In my natural state, I would say, I would probably naturally gravitate towards a 'glass half empty' kind of attitude.  What I mean to say, is I have my dark, pit filled days - it's just that sometimes I find that clambering out and being an Explorer makes my glass feel half full.)