Simple Summer Necklaces - Part 2

I loved mine so much, I HAD to make more!

Ancestor's necklace, Cari-Jane Hakes, September 2012
A sun shimmery gold and a tangerine orange are the ingredients for this one.  They have a summery lightness about them which makes them easy to wear and their inexpensive price tag means they sit as well with a bikini as they do with everyday street wear.

Ancestor's necklace, detail. Cari-Jane Hakes, September 2012
The orange hue of this shell is really rather fantastic.  It is rare - I don't see many of these, so I HAD to pick it up.

Ancestor's Necklace, Cari-Jane Hakes, September 2012
This one has a larger brass leaf with a sun bleached shell and a twist of turquoise.  Perhaps these are a homage to the summer that is beginning to fade here.  The axis shifts and I watch as the sun begins to shorten its arc across my part of the hemisphere.

Ancestor's necklace, detail, Cari-Jane Hakes, September 2012
Depending on the length of your day you can adjust the length of these necklaces, should you so desire, a little detail that I'm really rather pleased with.  Simple and effective with no fuss or fanfare.

Γ‰tΓ© au revoir!