Facets and Forests

I stumbled across this image of the work of Myeombeom Kim which has a kind of majestic mystery about it.  In the words of the artist:

"I try to examine how my surroundings are perceived and remembered. To do this, I listen to a whisper from the objects within my surroundings. I attempt to have an intimate, private dialogue with the world, trying to concretely present the way things approach me, by using other mediums.

"To ask what an objects means to me is like asking what being I am. I have consistently experienced my surrounding objects from the perspective of life, growth, and decline, which lends vitality to my work."

source: My Modern Met

Elsewhere today, I gathered up and recorded our scavenged treasure from our excursion at the weekend.

foraged forest findings, September 2012, Cari-Jane Hakes

cupped twig line, September 2012, Cari-Jane Hakes
The fragmented line of this twig with its articulations and subtle changes in direction is a whole tiny lesson in structure, proportion and detail.  I take note, register and file away for later explorations in metal.

A kind of frenzied restless energy is a little in evidence round these parts.  The best thing to do when this happens is to sit down with a file and file and file and file.

These may just be the most perfect little studs ever.  I love a good dangly earring as much as the next person, but I have to say, when your rushing around being elegant they do rather get in the way.  I say, save those dangly ones for a calm, siting down, sipping cocktails kind of a day.  These faceted tiny marvels of recycled silver would be just the ticket. Go, dash around to your hearts content safe in the knowledge that you are not going to get slapped around the face by these little nuggets! They have been freshly listed in the Hybrid Handmade shop today.

P.S. I even made a necklace to match - for those days when you need to rush around, be elegant AND be coordinated and matching.