Continuing Into The Wild

There is part of me that considers commerciality and reproducibility in my work.  They are nobel and necessary ports of call in the design process.

But then another part of me becomes so enthralled with the narrative, with the weaving of a unique and special piece that all these sensible notions blow away in the wind that courses through my atelier.

Into The Wild, copper prototype, Stag 2, September 2012
I can not make what I am not.  I can not reduce the design to a generic that will appeal to a broader audience.  I would not believe in the work that would come from this subtraction.  And so I add layers, secret textures and create pockets of space out of metal and believe that it will find its audience.

Into The Wild.  It's a place where you have to leave all that beeps and blips behind.  It's a place where all you can take with you is that which will rest happily on your back.

You can hear the breath of the wind as it rifles through the pine needles above.  As you look up the canopy sways, shifting and sifting the light.  An envelope of hush.  As your eyes travel down, the trunks in their solidity begin to dissipate the movement until, at their base, they stand sentinel like, guarding the wild and the things that live within it and behind it.

But, if your lucky, you might get a magnificent glance of a fleeting presence.  A flash of fur, brimmed and edged with horn and antler.

Into The Wild, copper prototype, Stag 2, September 2012
It is a communion of sorts.  A cathedral of truths built on a foundation of tree roots.  You leave with an indelible image branded onto your retina and a gratitude that sits in your heart, for you witnessed something rare, pure and wild.

Elsewhere today, the hybrid handmade helpers were so impressed with the above creation that they asked me to make one for them too.  A wolf and a hedgehog are their wild beasts of choice!  I am happy to indulge them - they were after all with me when we three witnessed a fleeting glimpse of the wild that gave rise to this piece.