A Really Rather Remarkable Thing

I have just finished a really rather lovely commission.  After receiving an email from the recipient yesterday, the whole perfect little project has been making me smile when I think about it.

The whole piece centers around a memento from a honeymoon trip.  A simple little terra cotta fragment picked up on a beach walk, just a little over 10 years ago.

I imagine that this fragment was perhaps part of a tile or a flat dish with yellow flowers adorning it.  The sharp edges have been gently scoured by the soft tumble of the Mediterranean waves.

It washed up here in my atelier and I fashioned a simple little silver housing for it.  In doing so, the beautiful softness of the terra cotta was covered up and so I cut a heart shaped window in the back so its muted redness could still be seen.

The heart became a milestone tag, marking and celebrating 10 years of marriage.  The second tag locates where the little fragment was found.

Together they have a solid weight to them and they make a soft kind of music as they hang together.

Perhaps what pleases me the most about this piece is the intense meaning of the fragment.  The fragment has no value and yet it is immeasurably valuable.  It is everything that the jewellery I make should be about - a little piece of a place, a day, an event, that can be worn, that can be touched and remembered everyday.  A bit of the past that becomes part of the present and walks with you into your future.

It really is a rather remarkable thing.