A Fabulous Friday Feeling

I was recently approached by a customer on Etsy who had seen my photograph of this ring on flickr.

I had actually just sold it 3 weeks hence but offered to make another one, similar, in her size.

I worked on it today.

It was a pure joy to make.  The little silver housing that I made for it from 1mm thick sterling silver sheet and fine silver bezel turned out perfectly.

I textured the back surface of the ring with the leaves from this delicate forest floor plant that I find just up above the high tide line along the coast here in France.

I use a 'D' section of silver wire to make the ring and turn it in on itself which makes for a really comfortable fit.  The section is a generous 3.5mm in width which I think lends to the quality of the whole piece.

The pebble of course is beautiful, as all pebbles are.  This one has some lovely veins of ochre running through the deep chocolate brown smooth textured surface of the stone.  The bright shock of the white stripe has tiny bits of this ochre in it as well.

Setting the pebble within the fine silver bezel was perhaps the best bit. This afternoon I carefully pushed and folded the silver over and burnished it hard to create a perfect silver line around the perimeter of the stone.  A tiny indent in the pebble on the right hand edge is now lined in silvered light.

I love that people love these rings.  They have a natural brilliance to them.  What they lack in cut, clarity and carat they make up for in uniqueness, colour, size and personality.

Can you tell I've had a good day in the atelier?  Here's hoping yours was too.  Bon Weekend mes amis.