Simple Summer Necklaces

There is nothing I love better than the beauty of complexity, intricate details and layers of materials, hues and tones.  I see it in nature and I reflect it in my work.  One of my favourite pieces is the 'Midnight Bird Singing by Moonlight' brooch, which is also a necklace (and a spoon, should you so desire).

Midnight Bird Singing by Moonlight, Cari-Jane Hakes (on Etsy)
Lately though, I've really enjoyed wearing these simple summer necklaces.  Little treasures collected by the Hybrid Handmade Helpers have been easily converted into fuss free minimal accessories that sit lightly and don't mind going for a bit of dip in the ocean!

Simple Summer Necklaces, Cari-Jane Hakes, August 2012

Simple Summer Necklaces, detail, Cari-Jane Hakes, August 2012