Make mine a Mojito

I was completely over the moon to be able to finally get my hands on a pair of 'Julian Hakes London' Mojitos!  You see, I am not 'sample size', so I have watched and waited as many wondrous lusterous coloured shoes have come and gone from the Hybrid Handmade House.  'Shoe shoes everywhere but not a pair to wear!' I would lament to anyone who would listen.

But, good things come to those who wait.

What can I say about these shoes that hasn't already been said?  Well, when I wore these shoes I felt like I had silvered moonlight wraped around by foot.  The neon orange leather to the inside of the shoe is just simply fierce with a capital F (and probably a capital I, E, R, C and E as well come to think of it).

Now, I did choose the boldest, blingest pair and actually found that I had to tone down the rest of my outfit. Everything else had to be simple and minimal.  The shoes are the jewellery, the accessories and all the embellishment you need.  I just added a dash of black and I was ready to go.

These shoes made me happy.  These shoes made me proud because I could say 'yes, my husband designed these'.