Introducing Clementine

Meet Clementine (pronounced the French way clem-uhn-teen), procured at a local Brocante, aided and abetted by Henkalullah.

She has a unique colouring that means she stands out in a crowd.  She revels in the attention that this brings her way, but it has not always been so.  In her younger days, the day-glo neon pink was something of a burden, but with time and patina she has grown into her bodywork.

She likes to go off-roading, taking the road less travelled and so she keeps her load light.

She has a few dents and scraps, bumps and marks but these too she has learnt to live with.  They give her a 'I've been places' look which she prefers to the box-fresh 'I've never been off the shelf' look.

More adventures from Clementine, coming soon!