Home is where the heart is

I've spent the last few weeks in our London home, packing, cleaning and packing.  We haven't officially lived there since we accidentally moved to France four years ago (for more on that and the rest of an interview I did with Kate of Crafts on Sea click here) but it was a very important 'home' for us.  We took it from a blown out old factory shell and made it into the place where we brought up our two baby boys and established our architectural business.

Colour of Love, day 9, Mercantile Muse Photography Challenge
As I packed away the personal belongings we had used to furnish the place (to make it easier to sell) I looked around at the bare walls and walked through the echoey spaces and didn't really recognise the place.  It had had all its soul and personality sucked out of it.  It had become a shell again.  There were no sad emotions here, there is nothing there made of brick and plaster, concrete and wood that I wish to hold onto.  All the bits that are important I carry with me.  I have taken my 'home' with me.  Upwards and onwards mes amis!