A Fabulous Friday Feeling

Created by Tim Etchells for the Glastonbury Festival 2011 this beautiful artwork / installation features a flock of over 700 daylight LEDs.  These luminous words were taken from the Cat Power's song 'Colours and the Kids'.

It has a kind of fragile innocence about it.  It is inspiring in its simplicity and makes me wonder again about the power locked up within words and phrases.  Words are truly mightier than the sword!

The piece was resurrected for the Thames Festival in London in 2011.
You can find out more about Tim Etchells work on his website by clicking here

"it's so hard to go into the city, 'cos you wanna say 'hey, I love you' to everybody....
when we were teenagers, we wanted to be the sky..."
Cat Powers, 'Colours and the Kids'

Here's to dropping some off the world weariness that oftentimes rests heavily on our shoulders, to regaining our innocence, turning to those around us and saying 'I love you' and becoming part of the sky.  It is the weekend after all.