A Fabulous Friday Feeling

The sky has been doing a bit of this...

French Skies, August 2012
....which may well be my favourite kind of sky along with the kind of dark, pre-storm kind of a sky with strong sunlight which makes certain colours vibrantly sing as if they are lit from within.

I'm still a bit obsessed with the gummy, semi-translucent seaweed which keeps floating around me and distracting me from my 'lifeguard' duties.

Seaweed, collected for possible future use, August 2012
I scooped these specimens up and took them home to the Hybrid Handmade atelier for a closer inspection.  I think they may become incorporated into something once they dry out.

Elsewhere, this perviously made piece found a new home and set sail, off on adventures and voyages with its new owner.

'Betwixt Wind and Water', pendant on turquoise cord, wood and brass, Cari-Jane Hakes 2012
You can read more about this piece here (design sketches and inspiration) and here.

And finally, if all of the above wasn't fabulous enough for your Friday, I fished this out of my polishing tank!  More on him next week though.

'Stories Set in Stone', necklace, Cari-Jane Hakes 2012