A Fabulous Friday Feeling

Fabulous Friday feelings seem to have been a bit thin on the ground of late so I thought it was high time I redressed the balance.

Today, in our small corner of the world, here in France, the tidal co-efficient is high which means the sea retreats out far at low tide.  It seemed like the volume was turned down as the waves sank back into the deep blue yonder and the waters receded and secretly, silently began to show some mostly submerged shallows that are usually far far beneath the surface of the sea.

Day 10, Sky High, Mercantile Muse's Photography Challenge, 17 August 2012
And perhaps there was more sky than normal.  It seemed that way.  There were acres of blue, edged lightly with a floating, feathery seaweedy line.  There was enough for everyone to take a square home.

Bon Weekend mes amis.  Here's hoping there are some acres of blue for you to harvest too.