July Desktop

It's July mes amis!  It's all downhill from here on in!  My alliums have flowered and their glorious skeletonising globes are proudly standing, sentinel like, in their aged splendor in the garden.  I thought I'd honour their magnificence by using them on the July desktop calender.

July Desktop 1600px wide, Cari-Jane Hakes
If you would like this allium on your computer all you have to do is click on the image above (or below), save it to your desktop and then use your settings menu (or equivalent) to change your background desktop image.  Incase you have a screen that is a little smaller than 1600 pixels wide,  here is the 1280 pixel version.

July Desktop, 1280 px wide, Cari-Jane Hakes
And if like me, you have a very old (but very lovely) Mac Book Air 13 inch screen - then this one is just for you - it will be perfect for your 1400 pixel sized screen.

July Desktop 1400 px wide, Cari-Jane Hakes
Goodness, a whole flock of alliums for you all.  

I was delighted, yesterday evening, to stumble across a beautiful opening ceremony in the next village.  The residents were celebrating the arrival of a little train that will run round the village taking visitors from their campsites to the various beaches and markets in the surrounding area.  There was a proper red, white and blue ribbon that was cut by the Mayor with scissors that rested on a pillow.  Smaller pieces of the ribbon were then cut and presented to various important individuals to sport in their breast pockets.  

I loved the ceremony all the more just for the simple fact that it elevated and celebrated an event that in a larger town may have gone unnoticed.  Here, there were gazebos, drinks and a gathering of people to participate in the maiden voyage of this little train.

Celebrate all things mes amis!  Whether it be with cups of tea and a cup cake or with champagne and caviar!