A Fabulous Friday Feeling

Fabulous Friday feelings have been few and far between in this micro blogosphere.  That is not to say that things have been all down and dumpy, lets just say it has been, what they call, a mixed bag!

As I always say, onwards and upwards mes amis!

Feast your eyes on these perfect little specimens.  As far as sourcing stones and cabochons go, I do love the odd labraodrite and a perfect peachy chalcedony can make my day but I am still VERY partial to the irregular peculiarities of a smooth, flat pebble.  These ones from a recent northern scavenging trip really take the biscuit.  I'm dreaming up some sophisticated sterling silver settings with maybe a pearl or two thrown in for good measure.

I'd say, things are beginning to take shape round these parts.  How about you?

pebbles and proverbs, Cari-Jane Hakes, July 2012