A Really Rather Remarkable Thing

It all got a bit much so I took myself out for a walk.  I just turned my back on it all and walked out the gate, turned right and headed off into the golden light peeling off the setting sun.  Under normal circumstances I can't do this.  Or if I do, I would have had to take my two small apprentices with me.  But on this occasion, with an extra pair of hands around the Hybrid Handmade Home I was able to just go.

I gathered a few things as I walked.  I'm not sure I can venture out anywhere without gleaning a few fronds or pebbles (depending on which side of the high tide mark I'm roaming).

I took these photographs today after this little bloom had begun the stretch and straighten its limbs.

But the photographs I really rather like are the ones I took right after my 'walking out on all my responsibilites' walk.  The lines and patterns created by the tiny stalks wove a perfect tiny ribbed structure, delicately arched and coloured with an ombre of green to pink.

What a really rather remarkable thing it is!