What I Caught In My Net

I've been casting my net far and wide of late; on grounds that are far far above the high tide mark.  Looking closely, things are really rather magical.  Surface tension is a marvelous thing don't you think?  Without it I think pond-skaters would have a rather tough time of it all.

A little closer to the high tide line I found this teeny tiny orchid on the protected dunes....

and elsewhere, flowers of a more common sort, but beautiful nonetheless.

And on the edges of this little microcosm I found new life pushing through the dune margins.

I cycled along hedges of bright yellow with three baguettes in my bag, practicing my French pronunciation out loud whilst the church bells peeled out for midday.  With an amusing shock of realisation I amused myself with the fact that I had become a clichรฉ of sorts.  In a good way.

Bon Weekend mes amis!