Something different for a Saturday

A very special customer came to me with a very special request; please could I make him a mouse from a piece of grass?  Well, but of course!  I made another one for this post just incase you get asked the same question - well, you never know!

To make your mouse you will need: 1. a pair of scissors  2. a pair of twezers  3. some black thread for the whiskers  4. black seed beads for the eyes and nose  5.  leaves for the ears  AND 6. a fluffy bit of grass.

You'll also need some glue which I didn't put in this picture because it didn't look as pretty as everything else and totally screwed up the rather nice composition I had going.

Step 1 ::  you need a steady hand for this one, so if your over caffeinated just give up now!  Use the tweezers to pick up a seed bead, get a blob of glue on it and stick the beads into the fluffy bit of the grass.  I had to give the fluff a bit of a trim so I could get the eyes stuck right in there.

At this stage, your mouse will look rather funny, like Cousin It from The Addams Family (but without the glasses).

Step 2 ::  fold over some thread, knot it in the middle and trim the ends, stick this into the fluff.  Your customer will start to get very excited at this stage, as yes indeed, the piece of fluffy grass is beginning to look like something!

Step 3 :: Add another seed bead with the tweezers to make the nose.  Cut some circles from the leaves, and glue them into place to make the ears. Stop holding your breath and go and make yourself a coffee - all the tricky fiddly bits are done.

Step 4 ::  Present the completed mouse to you small 'jumping up and down on the spot' customer!

Field Mouse, Cari-Jane Hakes, 26 May 2012
Bon Weekend mes amis!