A Really Rather Remarkable Thing

I found this little scrap of remarkableness on the high tide line.

I believe it to be a scoured portion of a seaweed root.  I picked it up because of its delicate mottling which suggested some kind of aquatic leopard.

It is the colour of dried out peat mixed with mocha and a dash of rich balsamic vinegar.  It is soft with a pliable mossy spring to it.  It is really a rather remarkable thing.

I collected together a little seaside sampler (and then got frustrated with my camera for falling out of focus around the edges).

Seaside Sampler, Cari-Jane Hakes, 23 May 2012
Number 1 - a fine purple variegated oyster shell.

Number 2 - a crab the size of your fingernail.

Number 3 - an aquatic leopard (whom you have already been introduced to).  Number 4 - a large limpet shell (or a chapeau chinois (a chinese hat) as the French sometimes call them).

Number 5 - assorted seaweed fronds.

C'est tout for today mes amis!