A Rather Remarkable Fabulous Friday Feeling

I was completely captivated by these buttons whilst in Liberty, London after the Sania Pell book launch.  Let's start with their shape, decidedly pebble like and very similar to shapes that I draw as a foundation for many of my designs.  So you see, there was no way I could leave without taking a few with me.

Buttons from Liberty, London
The detail is really rather remarkable and leaves me wondering if they are carved by hand or a very delicate careful machine.

Liberty buttons, detail
They now sit on my workshop table waiting for a free moment, although I have already begun sketching some designs in my mind; minimal necklaces, flat rings, each adorned with these little bits of ivory, grey and creamy white.

Elsewhere this week, the shadows cast by this sea holly leaf had me reaching for my camera.

I really have no words to describe this fragile brilliance so I will just let the photographs speak for themselves.

And where, I hear you cry, is the 'Fabulous Friday Feeling'?  Well, that came in the shape of a call from the Hybrid Handmade Husband, very early in the morning, 2am if I am not mistaken.  He simply had to call though to let me know that he won 'Footwear Designer of the Year' at the Drapers' Awards in London last night.  I'm rather speechless on this too - suffice to say my heart is full to bursting with admiration and respect for all that he has achieved with this project.

Julian Hakes London, The Mojito 
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Bon Weekend mes amis!