My Last 5 Pins on Pinterest

Social media is a curious thing.  Us solo designer / maker - preneurs can't browse the web for more than five seconds without tripping over some well informed article on why we should be tweeting, instagraming and facebooking at the same time as we solder, sew and sticky tape our creations together (I should point out, that I don't actually use ANY sticky tape in my jewellery.  I just used that word because it began with a 's' and I'm a sucker for a good alliteration).

I think I manage all these arenas fairly well.  I accept that they are a necessary part of my business and will blurt out the occasional tweet and facebook post.  To be honest though, I'd rather just be in my workshop making things or sketching new designs (I know this is BAD business practice and I probably do have a problem with my production v's promotion balance). But oh!  When it comes to pinning.  Well, I just love to pin!  As a forum, for me, it feels very unforced, natural even.

And so without further ado I give last five pins on Pinterest.

What a fabulous little house this is!  You can find out more about it and its desginer Jessica Helgerson here.  In total, this little house takes up a mere 540 square feet (not far off the Hybird Handmade Home here in France) and for my money, the smaller and more compact the better!  Less to clean, more time to create!

Next up, a new product from those wonderfully talented people over at Pigeon Toe Ceramics.

These facet magnets bring a whole new meaning to 'fridge chic' (I don't think there is actually such a thing as 'fridge chic', I think I just made that up, but if you needed your fridge to be chic then these fabulous morsels of colour would do the trick).  As a jeweller and wannabe potter (see this previous post) these are right up my street.

Next, a skirt I love, but don't need and probably couldn't wear anyway. I think I would be swamped by it. In any-case, I like its name, Strolling Stems Skirt (oh, another alliteration). And its yellow, which I like.

Elsewhere, I spotted these on Etsy.  If they don't make you smile/giggle or at lease raise a quizzical eyebrow then there is something wrong with you (or maybe you just need a well earned holiday in which case I'll let you off).

Source: via Cari-Jane on Pinterest

A super secret agent Tapir with his friends the polka dot giraffe and zebra. Check out fellow Etsyian The Good Machinery for more day-glo and spotted fabulousness.

And last, but by no mean least, a pin that shows that I can be super grown up and glamourous if I so choose.

Big branches, inside.  I've been trying this out in the Hybrid Handmade House with varying degrees of success.  I think the spaces here lack a certain volume necessary to carry this look off.  Added to this, my branches are more gnarly and less slender and graceful.

Oh that was fun, I haven't done a 'Last Five Pins on Pinterest' for a while.  If your on Pinterest feel free to leave a link to your page below and perhaps a natter about what you've been pinning of late.  Now if you'll excuse me, I think I should go and pin more things!

Post Scriptus: Don't forget to comment on the 2nd anniversary blog-iversary post here for a chance to be in the running for $50 off Hybrid Handmade jewellery.