Mosaic Mercredi

The monthly Mosaic Mercredi is back after a brief hiatus.

I started with a photograph that I took of a little fly having a rest on the allium here at the Hybrid Handmade House and then gradually unpacked the colours in each image to make a connection to the next.  The purply pink of the alliums led to the background on the next image and the orange fox in that one introduced the little stitched composition by Cathy Cullis and so on!

1. fly on allium, 2. Still life with stuffed fox, 3. untitled, 4. Bradwell Common, Housing, Milton Keynes by Martin Richardson, 5. Untitled, 6. Tomatillo husks, 7. Cirque. Jongleurs, 8. Untitled, 9. Quick Footed, 10. Dense, 11. water snake, 12. FOR A BETTER FUTUR. Sarayevo. 2012, 13. Open fields, 14. souvenirs, 15. honey balsamic strawberry galette, 16. allium
Until I ended up back at allium via a few lovely friends on the way, Jana Gering, fellow Etsyian Paul Bailey (his Etsy shop can be found here) and Joel Robinson (who incidentally also sells copies of his magical photographs on Etsy, you can find them here).  Goodness, I think thats quite enough links in one sentence, don't you think?

News around these parts - the forms are filled and posted - I'm back in the atelier weaving something rather epic from silver and a bit of 18ct gold.  It really is rather something.

More on that later mes amis.