May Desktop

Is it just me or is time passing faster the warmer it gets? Oh, I know it is such a cliché to utter these words but I shall utter them can it be that it is May already? Goodness, I better get a crack on!  And because time really does fly here is the May desk top image with a little silver leafed butterfly to adorn and generally sparkle on your laptop or monitor screen.

May desktop calendar image 1600 pixels wide
All you have to do is click on the image above or below, save it to your desktop and then use your settings menu (or equivalent) to change your background desktop image.  I've added an extra image this month, same as last month, incase you have a screen that is a little smaller than 1600 pixels wide.  Here is the 1280 pixel version for those of you sporting a super slim lap top device or similar.

May desktop calender image 1280 pixels wide
Stay tuned for a blogiversary give away. Yes - it is that time of year again. I know!  How did that happen? Honestly, I have no idea. I say, let's just roll with it and we shall see where we end up.