Beginning new work with old ideas

When I was learning to design we were encouraged to come up with concepts, with philosophies and great grand ideas that we could pin our creations upon.  If the concept was strong enough it could help you make decisions, if you listened to it closely it would tell you what material all the components should be!  And then, just when you had got rather comfortable with this new way of thinking, using a new fantastical language suggested to you by these lofty ideals, ideas and theories, it would be time to start a new project with a new concept and new, bigger, shinier idea.

There is a gathering space that grows ever larger between myself and those days.  I like to rest a little longer with my concepts now.  I'm enjoying letting them grow, re-potting them, and letting them grow some more.  Their matted roots are becoming a foundation of sorts.

A simple quartz line against a contrasting background has a very basic, simple appeal.  At its primordial root I suppose it is a gestural line. A precursor of more sophisticated drawings and representations of hunt scenes on a cave wall.  On other levels it is a boundary, a division, a path, a route, a map with all extraneous detail erased until all that is left is a salient line.

I like this idea of a path, a journey, of traveling because even when stay still, inhabiting somewhere for sometime, the journey is still continuing on inside.  The surrounding geography remains the same but the internal landscape shifts continually - we are not the same people we were yesterday.

Points of departure, points of confluence, points of bifurcation.  Winding less travelled paths where a clear view of the route is obstructed by twists and turns.

And straight broad routes where everything is open, clear and revealed.

I often feel that in holding such a tiny piece of the earth's substance in my hands I am holding all and everything - all that there is to know about life, love and loss is wrapped up in crystal and element and rock.

It feels like there is a life's work in deciphering and unpacking the all the possible representations and projects latent within this concept.  Which at the end of the day is just a line.

In conclusion - I have embarked on a new piece.  It feels good.  And they way I know it is good is because I'm annoyed that I have to stop and sleep rather than just continuing on and on!