Something different Sunday

I've spotted a little boat on the horizon.  Was it washed up by a exceptionally high spring tide, surging up the tidal Thames with such volume and force that the little boat became lodged on this precipice?  Or perhaps a modern day Noah has had a word from God and he waits, with his army of miniature beasts (guinea pigs, gerbils, field mice and a few shrews) for the coming flood?

In actual fact this rather substantial coracle of a boat was created by David Kohn Architects in collaboration with the artist Fiona Banner.  It will rest here, atop the Queen Elizabeth Hall for the duration of London's 2012 Olympic year.

Members of the public can book the 'boat' for an overnight stay. In addition, it will also become a studio for various artists, authors and musicians who will be asked to share the work conceived during their stay in an audio broadcast.  Others will use the boat as a stage and perform live from this perched space.

If I were to stay there, I wonder what new designs I would come up with?  Armed with my sketchbook and a pencil case full of colour and graphite I would probably sit for a while, watching the busy flotilla of active vessels traverse the sifted tonal depth of the Thames.  I imagine the light would be rather good and the restful jagged skyline of all man's endeavors would wink back at me with reflected sunlight.

I will leave you with the words of the philosopher Alain de Botton who features in the above film about this project, 'A Room for London' :

"It makes you feel playful and optimistic. It makes you think, well, if this thing was built, then all sorts of things are possible.  And I think it's as simple as that sometimes."