A Memory Locket for a Diamond Birthday

A day later than planed - but here it is!  I poured love, effort, concentration, frustration, elation and a whole other mix of things into this one.  It is for my Mum's 60th birthday, her 'diamond' birthday, as she has been known to call it.

A Memory Locket pour Maman, Cari-Jane Hakes, April 2012
This is the back of the 'Memory Locket'.  Much much effort went into creating that tiny pocket like recess into which the vintage pearl sits.  As I created this tiny aedicule (it is less than half a centimeter in diameter) I pondered the significance of why, in this case, I probably spent more time creating the back of the locket compared to the front.  The back is always as beautiful as the front on any necklace I make.

But why?

It is the part that is hidden.  It is the 'soul' of the piece.  It is the personality of the piece, the foundation.  I like that it is hidden when it is worn, but sometimes, it may flip round, unnoticed by the wearer.  In a similar way, when we are at peace and truly comfortable, we let those close by see a little bit of what is deep inside ourselves.  Our real personality - not the altered one that we have to concentrate on and fabricate.

A Memory Locket pour Maman, Cari-Jane Hakes, April 2012
ingredients: sterling silver, hydrangea petal (sketetonised by the winter of 2009 in the garden of my Mum's house) and pearl (left over from my Gran's necklace that was shortened in Hong Kong in the 1950's)
I go on the premiss that deep down inside, beneath the foundation of 'us', that everyone is good.  There is a core of beauty.  It may be buried under the dirt and debris that the world has thrown our way as we make our choices and find our way, but right down at the bottom, it is all good, it is pure and it is beautiful.

And that is why, in part, the back is as beautiful (or even more beautiful) than the front.

A Memory Locket pour Maman, Cari-Jane Hakes, April 2012
Perhaps in part it has to do with a gathering wisdom and a contemplation on the joy of becoming older.  That with each advancing day, week, month and year if there is a concentration on developing all that stuff inside there is a sense of a building beauty, an increased grace and a greater capacity for compassion and a deeper well of wisdom.  Many of my pieces hint at this concealed interior - sometimes there are little glimpses of that interior, little details, smudges of gold, pearls and such like.

On another level - I feel like I'm kicking against jewellery as an outward show of wealth, position and power.  I'm not interested in creating pieces that have these things as a conceptual start point and perhaps that is why, in part, I labour on the unseen (or infrequently seen).

I shall think on this matter some more whilst I dream up more interior details and hollow forms that hold space between sterling silvered walls.  For now, I will leave you with an image of the front of this pendant.  It has a curious little lens that covers a photograph of my sister's wedding bouquet - a glorious shock of pink hydrangeas.

A Memory Locket pour Maman, Cari-Jane Hakes, April 2012

ร€ bientรดt mes amis!