Lovely places in London to have a cup of tea - Part 1

There is one little extravagance I allow myself from time to time.  A cup of tea (although I often opt for coffee) and a sit down in a lovely place.

Peter Jones in Sloane Square London is on my list of lovely places to do such a thing.  What a treat!  This was actually a belated birthday treat.  I enjoyed it immensely.

view from the top floor cafe, Peter Jones, Sloane Square, London, 23 April 2012
Climbing up through the atrium on silvered silent escalators you emerge into a gently curved ramped space.  The top seats to bag (if you can) are by the windows overlooking the Chelsea skyline.  It is all London brick, terracotta and clay with a dash of copper for good measure round these parts.  London was grey and gleaming with a post April shower dousing and it was beautiful.

I particularly liked this jumble of chimney pots jostling for attention and position; tiny humble serrated towers standing proud against a back drop of more majestic domes and spires.